Former ‘Cosmo’ EIC Dishes About Curing ‘Low Career Libido’

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a job rut? Maybe you once enjoyed your job and that flame has slowly but surely simmered. This is what Kate White, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, calls “low career libido.”

In a The Daily Muse piece she writes, “Your first instinct may be to tell yourself that you need to get your butt in gear and find a new job, maybe even a new career. But that may not be necessary. As long as the job provides plenty of opportunities, and you’re not lagging behind where you should be professionally, why not first try to lure the lust back? There are a couple of ways to do it.”

1. Create a novelty and fresh experience.  She explains, “Find a tantalizing new challenge at work you can run with. But be careful about doing something that’s simply going to make you more promotable. Those projects are important, but right now what you really need is stimulation. Pick something that excites you on a visceral level, satisfies a yearning, or scratches a curious itch.”

2. Take on new projects for a sense of rejuvenation. And this doesn’t only apply to your career. When you have a low career libido, you may need to spice up other areas of your life.

Recalling saying yes to an invite to attend a lecture about Turkey at The Explorers Club in Manhattan, White mentioned it riveted her. ” That lecture inspired me to start traveling as a family, on mostly offbeat eco trips, and all those experiences helped me like my job again.”

Her advice? Examine your non-work life. Have you done anything thrilling lately? Out of the box? Out of your comfort zone? Even something as small as taking a different route to the office in the morning can shake things up a bit.

3. Set boundaries between your work and play. Put down that smart phone when you’re at a ball game or at the beach. Get out of the habit and learn to be present.

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