Former D.C. Reporter Flees to Dubai, Writes Novel

It wasn’t a big surprise when in January Karin Tanabe left “CLICK,” Politico‘s gossip blog. Writers have been abandoning that blog like it’s the Costa Concordia cruise ship. But for a while, it wasn’t clear what happened. Where had Tanabe gone? What was she doing?

Then BuzzFeed broke the news that Tanabe was in the process of having a novel published about her stint at Politico.

We were able to get in touch with her and she told FBDC that the book, titled “The Capitolist” is still in its early stages. “Like all fiction books, you need a full manuscript to submit,” she said, adding that the first draft had been written.

Tanabe’s not revealing details on the book just yet. But Publisher’s Market Place described Tanabe’s “The Capitolist” as follows:

“[A] 20-something journalist leaves a cushy NYC magazine job for DC’s hottest (and most cut-throat) political rag, where she uncovers a juicy scandal involving a senator that could make or break her career…”

Tanabe said she’s “very excited” to be working with Atria, which is publishing her book. Atria is an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

As for her current whereabouts, Tanabe told us she’s in Dubai working for ITP Publishing, a British magazine company.

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