Former Gawker Night Editor “Too Butch” For Site

Yesterday’s news that Nick Denton’s brain trust Gawker was looking for two new night editors stirred a lot of Internet questions. Andrew Belonsky, who had been doing the night shift at the 24 hour media site, had only recently taken over the position from a poster known as Cajun Boy.

And while Belonsky claims an amicable split with the media empire, Cajun Boy has taken to his blog to finally reveal the nature of his dismissal: He was just too butch.

Cajun’s entire post on the matter is brilliant, framed in various conversations he’s had with people on IM over the months. But the real sticking point is this:

Yeah, my traffic was great. If my memory serves me correct, I led all the other Gawker writers in pageviews in June and July, my first two full months, and was leading in August when I left. Those three months I think were also the most trafficked months in the site’s history. But unfortunately, this isn’t a fuckaround on my part. The reason for my being let go that I was given at my firing session, which was on the vaunted Gawker rooftop, was that my “tone” wasn’t right for the direction Gabriel was taking the site. I was told that it was “too butch.”

“Too butch”? What does that even mean? Fucking Denton!

No, actually, as far as I know, Denton had nothing to do with it. I rarely had any interaction with Nick but when I did he was always pleasant. As far as I know, this was all the work of Gabriel Snyder, Gawker’s managing editor. My calling Patrica Heaton a “staggering ass” in a headline was what he cited when he fired me as the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back in regards to my “tone” issues.

There’ve been rumors of the “tone” issue before leading to layoffs at Gawker, especially from the night editors who do not have the benefit of a managing editor’s oversight before they post. So anyone applying for the new positions may want rework their writing samples for other than pure snark.

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