Former Gawker Politics Blogger Settling into Salon War Room Gig

Former Gawker political blogger Alex Pareene kicks off his new gig as Salon War Room blogger today. The New York Observer announced his move earlier this month, saying he’d been hired by former Observer staffer and current Salon political lead Steve Kornacki.

Last week, Gawker bid adieu to Pareene with this love note: “Basically everyone here and elsewhere likes what Alex does, because he’s just a brilliant kid. (He is, amazingly, still young enough to be called a kid. [Ed note: The Observer says he’s 24.]) His writing is hysterical, his voice is unique, and his political mind is finely tuned into the idiocies and hypocrisies of our crumbling democracy.”

Pareene’s self-introduction on War Room gives us a taste of what’s to come: “I’ve been off for a week so just give me a minute to catch up on the various horrible crimes against reason and common decency committed by senators named Nelson and then we’ll get started.”

[For nostalgia’s sake, check out this FishbowlDC interview with Pareene back when he was pounding out prose for Wonkette.]

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