Former LA Times Editor Off to Bloomberg

Michael Kinsley, who spent just more than a year as the LA Times‘ editorial-page editor back in 2004, has a new job–columnist at the soon-to-be-launched Bloomberg View. Kinsley was most recently at Politico, where he stayed for about 30 seconds or so. As Jack Shafer notes in Slate, Kinsley has a habit of leaving jobs almost as fast as he lands a new one.

Just last September, he took a columnist job with Politico. One year before that, he joined the Atlantic crew. For a brief moment in 2006, he worked for the Guardian, and before that he spent a year and some change as the editorial-page editor of the Los Angeles Times. And, from 1996 to 2002, he edited the website you just clicked on and was also its founding editor. I won’t delineate his prehistoric career path but will only mention that it included positions at CNN and Harper’s and several stints at the New Republic, not to mention his freelance positions.

Kinsley’s inability to hold a job—I mean, Kinsley’s restlessness—speaks to no character flaw. He does what every man and woman would do if it were in their power: He works at a place as long as he likes it. When the day arrives that he no longer likes his job, he puts it in a box, wraps it in pretty paper and a bow, and tosses it to the curb. He then finds a job he thinks he will like better, and usually it’s a better position at better pay.

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