Former NFL Punter Throws Shade at Dallas Cowboys PR for Greg Hardy

Who says punters aren't real football players?!

Last week was full of stories about alleged, reformed domestic abuser and Dallas Cowboys’ DE Greg “The Kraken” Hardy.

After being suspended for 10 games four games, he has made an immediate impact for the Cowboys. To wit, owner and “GM” Jerry Jones has been gushing, calling Hardy a “team leader” and someone “he would think about signing for the long-term” among other things.

And then this happened, thanks to Deadspin:


The story, now legendary, explores the visual remnants of Hardy body slamming his then- girlfriend, Nicole Holder, on a couch full of semi-automatic machine guns. For some odd reason, she decided not to press charges.

Following these pictures of her bruises, no one knows why she chose that or why Hardy is even in the league. Being busted in the media can cause humility in a man. And since it appears Hardy doesn’t have a soul, Dallas Cowboys PR probably had something to do with this:

How’s that working out? Not many people are buying that line, specifically former NFL punter and Twitter lightning rod, Chris Kluwe. The one-time Minnesota Vikings punter believed that move — and the several prior to that — had a certain “spin cycle” odor to it. In other words, he blamed Dallas Cowboys PR, chiefly its major domo Rich Dalrymple. And that led to this:

Whoops! Oh, and in case that number isn’t enough, Kluwe offered another phone number to help fuel your angst:

Someday, those damn press releases with PR phone numbers were going to bite us. Welp, if you’re so inclined, the numbers have not been disconnected. Just sayin’.

[FEATURED PHOTO: Paul Moseley, Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

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