Former NYT Scribe, The Hill’s Founder and Politico’s Launcher Tolchin Struck by Truck

Marty Tolchin was hit by a truck as he was crossing Rockville Pike last week and suffered multiple fractures of his knee. He is home but he is going to be laid up for six weeks, FishbowlDC has learned.

Tolchin spent 40 years at the NYT before founding The Hill Newspaper. When Politico first came on the scene, he helped launch it.

His wife, Susan, is a professor of public policy. With her, Tolchin has written seven books, including To The Victor: Political Patronage from the Clubhouse to the White House, which has been cited in four U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Their most recent book is A World Ignited: How Apostles of Ethnic, Religious and Racial Hatred Torch the Globe.

We wish Tolchin well and a very speedy recovery.

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