Former Thought Catalog Editor Gaby Dunn Heads to The Daily Dot

Gaby Dunn interviewed James Deen before he was on screen with Lindsay Lohan. She basically stalked Stephen Colbert until she got some questions in. And, perhaps most germane to her newest job, she grilled Internet celebrity Julia Segal.

And that was just for her acclaimed Tumblr project, 100 Interviews.

Since then, the newest hire by The Daily Dot, the so-called “Internet newspaper” based in Austin, has freelanced for The New York Times Magazine and Cosmopolitan, as well as served as a staff editor for Thought Catalog.

The Manhattan-based writer will be the fifth New York staffer for The Daily Dot, which churns out the sort of millennial-geared feature stories on Internet culture and viral news that might appear on BuzzFeed, Gawker or the less personally confessional posts of Thought Catalog.

She will work under the site’s inaugural New York correspondent, assigning editor Cooper Fleishman. Two other reporters and a software data engineer live in the city, too.

“The site is run the way that I remember newsrooms are run,” she tells FishbowlNY. “I can do my daily duties, then there’s a lot of encouragement to do longer stuff.”

The Emerson College grad, who covered the crime beat at the Boston Globe while finishing her degree, is a self-proclaimed LiveJournal nerd, and she hopes to cover internet trends often ignored by mainstream media outlets.

“If you see three people doing something out in the world, it’s automatically a Times trend story – but what about when it’s a million?” she said. “It would be nice to cover that with the same sincerity and the same seriousness that you’d cover things in the ‘real world,’ because I think the internet is part of the real world.”

She starts on Monday.

Disclosure: Author Kaufman and Gaby Dunn once worked together at Emerson College’s student newspaper The Berkeley Beacon.

Image: [Adam Moskovitz]

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