Former Times Blogger Zachery Kouwe Freelancing for Dealbreaker

Well don’t that beat all! Zachery Kouwe, the New York Times DealBook reporter who resigned after he was caught plagiarizing from other financial-news outlets, has joined DealBreaker as a freelancer.

This is quite the turn of events, since DealBreaker editor Bess Levin caught Kouwe pilfering DealBreaker material and then wrote about it on DealBreaker. Levin casually bites the bullet on the whole affair:

You’re probably also aware he’d done a similar thing to yours truly when he lifted a memo from us and claimed he’d received it on his own (a claim later retracted by DealBook). Apparently that’s what it takes to get a job here these days! So ladies, if you’re looking for a new gig just start CTRL+C’ing DealBreaker — and I’m sure we’ll be giving you a call. Plagiarizers with tech expertise will get extra-special consideration.

We thought this might be a delayed April Fools prank, but Breaking Media CEO and editor in chief Jonah Bloom told us that Dealbreaker has hired Kouwe as a freelancer as the site looks for a full-time writer. Bloom wrote in an email:

I’ve known Zach for a while and admired his (original) work on Dealbook. Zach has an asterisk next to his name now, but I don’t believe he’s a bad guy (even if he’s done a bad thing); I do believe in second chances; and I’m happy to have someone with his skills helping us out for a bit.

(h/t Koblin tweet)

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