Formulae Pro Ousts WolframAlpha As Top Android Book App

Formulae Pro has joined the Android Books & Reference App Top Ten list at No. 1, replacing WolframAlpha which has dominated the top spot for months. The reference app, from Espiandev is perfect for back-to-school, as it helps students solve math and chemistry problems.

To prepare for Mediabistro’s upcoming Publishing App Expo on December 7-8, we will be spotlighting the top grossing book apps every week–helping our readers discover and analyze successful content.

Below, we’ve listed the top ten paid Android Books & Reference apps of the week. We’ve linked to the online pages for the individual apps so you can explore the content.

Top Paid Android Books & Reference Apps

1. Formulae Pro

2. WolframAlpha

3. LDS Scriptures

4. iKamasutra

5. NIV Bible

6. Moon Phase Pro

7. Terra Time

8. Aldiko Book Reader

9. Our Daily Bread

10. Audubon Birds – A Field Guide