Harrison Ford Pow Wows on the Environment

Fortune magazine’s three-day conference event “Brainstorm GREEN” got off to an intriguing start this afternoon in Laguna Niguel. Actor Harrison Ford, there in his capacity as vice chair of non-profit Conservation International (CI), participated in a 2 p.m. special session with CI CEO Peter Seligmann and Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer.

The first point made by Ford is a dramatic reminder of the surprising, costly and sometimes dangerous human reactions to environmental problems:

“For instance, what’s happening with the Somali pirates, you can look at that and recognize that it’s the collapse of the fisheries, the sustainable fishing, that men equipped with boats had no other options but to be involved in piracy, and that’s cost us and the rest of our NATO partners $2 billion to try and redress. That’s the national security connection to an environment issue, conservation issue.”

The breadth and depth of talent and topics set for Tuesday is staggering, with panels covering everything from “When Will Advanced Biofuels Get to Scale?” to “Build You (Green) Dream House or Office Building.” The conference concludes Wednesday with another special session moderated by Serwer featuring DEKA Research & Development president Dean Kamen, Coca-Cola Company chief sustainability officer Bea Perez and musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist will.i.am.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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