Fortune Staff Announcements: “We’re Hiring Everyone Ever, Pretty Much.”

Today, managing editor Daniel Roth announced that the site is adding (and, in one case, re-assigning) several bazillion (or, perhaps, seven) names to its lineup.

These include: Megan Barnett, formerly of Minyanville and, as’s new deputy managing editor. She’ll contribute “over a dozen” news items a day and will aid in the development of the site’s voice. Barnett will be starting her new role on May 10.

Colin Barr will continue at as well as CNNMoney. He’ll be covering Wall Street and economics through several daily posts on his blog, Street Swap.

Paul Smalera is’s senior editor. Smalera has contributed to Slate’s “The Big Money,” where covered technology and macroeconomics.

Seth Weintraub, who previously wrote Computer World’s “Apple vs. Google” blog, has joined’s Google 24/7 blog.

NPR’s former “Science Friday” producer, Shelley DuBois, joins as a writer-reporter.

JP Mangalindan joins the Fortune team to cover technology, gaming and general assignment pieces. He’s written for,, Entertainment Weekly, and Popular Science.

Scott Olster begins his role as’s associate editor today. He is just graduating from the Columbia School of Journalism.

The whole huge long announcement is after the jump.

FROM: Daniel Roth, Managing Editor,
TO: All Fortune Edit Staff

You might have noticed the new faces in the bullpen. We’ve got even more coming as we ramp up and it seemed like a good time to fill you in on the staff.

First, I’m pleased to announce that Megan Barnett will be the new deputy managing editor of Megan is steeped in business and finance, joining us from the investing site Minyanville, where she has been deputy editor since July 2009. Before that she was at — until the bitter end! — and went from reporting on hedge funds and economics to being the deputy editor. Previously, she has held editing and reporter positions at Smart Money, U.S. News & World Report, and the Industry Standard — and she started her career at Hambrecht & Quist as an equity research associate covering enterprise software companies. She’ll be my right hand, keeping humming with over a dozen items a day, and helping to continue to develop the voice of the site.

When she starts on May 10, she will be working with a similarly top-notch group of journalists.

A familiar face, Fortune’s Colin Barr, will now keep a desk at Fortune and CNNMoney and use his Midtown commuting minutes to think even deeper about the worlds of business and finance. It’s not just his face you’ll be seeing more of, either. Colin will go from writing high-profile stories a few times a week to covering Wall Street and economics obsessively through the day with his new blog, Street Sweep. Before joining Fortune, Colin was the companies editor at He’s widely sourced, widely read, and will help make’s Wall Street coverage even stronger.

Paul Smalera is’s senior editor. Many of you have already met with (and written for) Paul and found him — as I have — to be smart, fast, and deeply interested in all areas of business. In addition to editing, he will write regularly about technology, finance, economic policy, media and social media. After a brief career in web development, Paul turned to journalism and was most recently a regular contributor to Slate’s business site, The Big Money, where he wrote frequently on technology and macroeconomics. Previously, he worked at Portfolio magazine. Paul has a degree in philosophy from George Washington University and lives in Brooklyn.

Seth Weintraub, the founder of 9to5Mac and former writer of Computer World’s “Apple vs Google” blog, has joined us to helm the new blog Google 24/7 for Based in New York, Seth brings a wealth of experience and passion for tech, and Google 24/7 will become the must-read destination for anyone interested in what’s going on in the Googleplex and how the company’s actions are affecting everyone’s business. Before getting into journalism, Seth was the head of IT for a number of brand-management companies and worked everywhere from Hong Kong to Paris. He is a licensed pilot, which will come in handy when the regular pilot of the G-V gets sick.

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