FotoSwipe Photo-Sharing App Launches on iOS, Android

The app allows users to send an unlimited number of photos between devices.

FotoSwipe has announced the official launch of its app on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to send an unlimited number of photos between mobile devices without exchanging contact information.

To use FotoSwipe, both users must install and open the app. When both users are in the same room, the sender selects the photos or videos they’d like to send, and swipes on the screen to trigger the transfer. The receiver can either swipe on their screen to receive the photos, or tap the ‘Tap to Receive’ button to receive a copy of the selected content on their device. Users have 60 seconds to accept these nearby transfers.

When users aren’t in the same location, the sender can initiate a transfer to receive a ‘pairing code’ to give to the recipient, which is active for 24 hours. The recipient can enter this code under the ‘Tap to Receive’ menu to receive the content. A single code can be sent to multiple users.

To save on data usage, the app allows users to block transfers when they’re not connected to WiFi. Users can also choose to send the original, uncompressed photos to others in transfers (this is off by default). Finally, users can turn on manual pairing mode, so all transfers require a pairing code.

In a statement, FotoSwipe founder and CEO, Sylvain Dufour, commented:

We developed FotoSwipe to take photo-sharing back to basics and provide an easy and simple way to send images from one mobile user to the next. With an onslaught of apps that offer multiple services, today’s platforms are becoming increasingly complex and we recognized a need for simplicity. We’ve all faced the same difficulty of sending and receiving large quantities of images over text and email. Simply put, FotoSwipe eliminates that problem with an innovative and speedy solution that makes photo-sharing fun, instead of a labor intensive chore.

FotoSwipe is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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