Four Innovative Ways to Prepare For Your Next Job Interview

If you have a job interview coming down the pike, listen up. It’s time to tweak a few things and get your game on.

According to our friends at Monster, there are a few innovative ways to prepare.

1. Tune in. Want to rock that interview? Corporate trainer Marlene Caroselli recommends watching TV. “Watch people being interviewed on television and make note of what works.” Whether you’re a fan of Robin Roberts or Matt Lauer, tune into their body language, what they say and how they say it.

2. State the unobvious. Concoct a statement that’s a bit unusual and dynamic. The author of Principled Persuasion points out, “For example, a woman I know, expecting to be told, ‘Tell us a bit about yourself [the most popular interview question]’ replied, ‘I think I should tell you I’m a nonconforming conformist.’ She explained what she meant and wound up getting the job.”

3. Think outside the box. Sure, many people may visualize themselves on a successful interview or nabbing the coveted job offer but she advises thinking about a visual that represents what you can do.

“It can be a photo taken at an event you organized, for example. If you have nothing that symbolizes your capabilities, then look for a pattern not readily apparent in your resume and be prepared to talk about that particular interest or talent, apart from your official work history.”

4. Be tough on yourself. We don’t mean overly critical but rather, be prepared for the toughest interview questions like explaining a gap on a resume or why they should hire you. She explains, “By comparison, your own, actual interview will seem like a walk in the park, and that prospect will encourage you.”