Four Things to Implement to Improve Your Life Today

Ever notice how a fun weekend trip results in a happy, productive Monday back at the office?

Although job advice and insight is an important part of our mission here at MJD, we can’t be remiss about looking at the overall picture. Whether that includes the environment you work in, soft skills or achieving a work-life balance, it’s all good.

As per this post on Forbes, there are four things to implement that may begin improving your life today! Something tells us if even one item is added to your daily routine, you may see some positive shifts in your work life as well.

1. Reignite your passion. In the post, Josh Linkner writes, “Whatever deeply moves you, set it on fire.” Not only that, but engage in it as well. If you love to cook, really get into it. Instead of just cooking a meal for you and your family, invite your neighbors over, friends, and throw a little fete! He adds, “The more passion you have in your life, the more creative you’ll be.”

2. Read more. As pointed out in the piece, there’s really no excuse to not read — between countless books, articles, blogs and the convenience from a Kindle, Nook or smartphone, there’s no lack of the ability to be enlightened. He indicates, “Dedicating 20 minutes nightly to reading will expand your horizons ten-fold, without a huge time commitment.”

3. Write a gratitude list. The more you can focus on what you’re thankful for, the more you’ll truly appreciate it and begin stop sweating the small stuff. Sometimes seeing the written list may be a strong visual cue of what you have to be thankful for; thinking it is the first step but actually writing it or typing it can serve as a reminder of all of your blessings.

4. Do a random act of kindness. Not only is it good karma, it’s simply a nice thing to do. Linkner points out in his blog post,”The more you give, the more you will receive. I know it sounds fluffy and cosmic, but it actually works. Improving someone’s day makes yours better.”

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