Four Tips to Managing a Day Job With a Side Gig

If you’re among the 9-to-5-ers who also burn the midnight oil pursuing your passion, you’re not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of Americans who work two or more jobs got a jolt last year by two percent.

Maybe you’re a marketing manager by day, freelance writer by night; whatever the situation, you may be experiencing stress and time management issues associated with juggling both. Today, a piece in The New York Post offered some pointers to successfully manage more than one job.

1. Seek balance. The piece suggests an ideal situation will balance out two jobs. If one gig is incredibly stressful, hopefully the other job can provide the opposite atmosphere. So, maybe you work in a busy newsroom during the day and enjoy switching gears as a yoga instructor at night.

2. Organize your finances. Your side job may be your passion or just a way to earn a few extra bucks. Regardless, it may be costing your wallet. The piece suggests monitoring your money closely “especially if your second ‘job’ isn’t yet paying you.”

3. Stay healthy. This pointer is critical when your gas tank is running on empty. Not only are you physically running around, your mind may be racing as well by having to constantly wear multiple hats. Proper nutrition, exercise and sleep are critical to functioning.

4. Carpe diem! If you’re among the moonlighters who have more than one business card, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter account, you’re certainly handling a lot. Considering you’re a real go-getter, be careful what you wish for. In the piece, Michael Clark writes, “Two jobs mean twice the networking. Take the opportunities as they come — you never know, it could lead to a third job!”

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