Four Ways to Achieve Realistic, Attainable Goals in the New Year

If you’re like us, you’re setting mega resolutions for the new year. After all, if the resolutions are within reach, they’re not lofty enough, right?

That’s why this piece in The New York Post makes us pause. Columnist and HR executive Greg Giangrande offers succinct tips that pack a punch. It sounds like the key to making resolutions and goal-setting stick is to be focused and persistent in small, simple steps.

1. Start small with your networking. If you’re not exactly into working the room, he suggests resolving “to make just one new connection each quarter.” Whether you attend one industry event, reach out to a new contact or invite a connection on LinkedIn out for breakfast, it’ll get you into a really good habit.

2. Update your resume. This is so true especially if you’re not even looking for a new job. He writes in the piece, “It’s always smart to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what skills you have. You don’t have to do anything with it — but you’ll be amazed at what you may be inspired to do next once you’ve done that simple task.”

3. Acquire a new skill. Maybe it’s time to take a trapeze lesson! We’re really not kidding. It doesn’t matter what you pick up, he says, just “add something new to your ‘whole person’ tool kit to stay fresh and interesting.” And just think, that new skill, hobby or interest could become really unique fodder at a cocktail party where you’re making small talk and expanding your network.

4. Adopt a healthier attitude. Come from a place of yes. He points out, “Negativity brings stress and bad juju. Oh, I know there are some colleagues whose behavior can turn a Tibetan monk into a raging, hateful co-worker. But pause, breathe and smile more often. People will admire your self-control.”