Four Ways to Gear Up for a Job Search in the New Year

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, job seekers may take a snooze from the search until the new year.

As such, more than five million members of TheLadders were surveyed about their job search endeavors and the findings may help bolster your ammo for 2013.

And according to Amanda Augustine, job search expert for TheLadders, there are four things job seekers can do to make an impact with pounding the pavement. 

1.  Mobilize Your Professional Resume. For starters, and considering the resume is literally your calling card, there’s more than a 40 percent shot you’ll land a job with a professionally written resume than without a polished one.

2.  Overhaul Your Online Brand. This one really resonated with us. Have you self-Googled lately? Seriously, it’s time to frequently monitor your online brand to ensure it’s accurate and consistent. Her advice per the press release points out, “Remove inactive profiles or update them to reflect your current personal brand and resume. Increase the security settings on sites reserved for personal use so recruiters cannot find them.”

3. Get Back to Basics with Social Media. More than 80 percent of respondents indicated they feel “comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” using social media in their job search. Of course, we’re pointing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Her advice? “Use these sites to strengthen your personal brand online, research target employers or industries, and uncover job opportunities.”

4. Look the Part. Act as if, okay? And by that we mean a polished looking profile photo in your profile. More than 12 percent of survey participants indicate their photos don’t send the right message to employers (as in it’s time to ditch the keg stand photo from Halloween). Furthermore, 23 percent indicate they don’t even have an online profile! Investing in your image from your haircut to clothing and a professional headshot can go a long way.