Four Ways to Ignite Your Job Search Right Now

Want to wait until January to kick-start your job search and take a few weeks off to coast into the new year? Really?

It’s almost like a dieter who wants to wait three weeks to start watching his or her waistline when there’s at least 21 days left of this year to create a new habit (give or take a meal or two).

Sure, we’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season but that doesn’t mean career dreams need to be put on pause. There are a few ways to rev up that search even when it’s tempting to convince yourself the holidays will stall it.1. Reach out to your network and spread holiday cheer. What better time to connect with LinkedIn contacts and put feelers out than the holidays? Yes, schedules are insanely busy, we get it. Why not reach out to say hello, wish your colleagues a happy holiday season and put a date on the calendar for the first week in January?

Keep in mind it can take a few weeks for conversations to be set into motion. If you put off the inevitable and wait until January 1, you may not meet with potential contacts until the third week of the month anyway.

2. Polish your resume and tweak that elevator pitch. Okay, so let’s say your target contacts aren’t exactly getting back to you promptly (all the more reason to do it now so you can tactfully follow up in due time). What’s a job hunter to do?

Focus on what you have the power to improve: Yourself! Polish that resume and make slight tweaks. Ensure it matches your LinkedIn profile.

3. Blog and remain present in social media. If you’ve already been an active blogger and vocal Twitterer, keep up the good work! Continue having a presence by posting relevant topics to demonstrate your expertise.

And if you haven’t been too present, put it on the calendar to make a daily impact online. Feel free to ping your potential employers with a message or two in order to start making strides with them so online conversations may lead to offline ones.

4. Expand your social circle. Leverage the festive time of year by scoring invites to friends’ holiday soirees. Attend religious ceremonies and check out a new Meet Up in your neighborhood. Get out there! It’s a sure way to meet new contacts who may be able to help point you in the right direction as budgets close for year-end and new books and opportunities become available in the new year.

Lastly, stay the course! Distractions are ubiquitous this time of year but with the right attitude and dose of patience, you’ll position yourself for an exciting new year.

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