Foursaken Media Launches Adventure Company on iOS

The action RPG allows players to control a group of warriors on a quest to find valuable artifacts.

Foursaken Media announced the release of Adventure Company on iOS. The action role-playing game allows players to control a group of warriors on a quest to find valuable artifacts.

In Adventure Company, players complete a series of levels, each with a different objective to complete. For instance, one level may ask players to survive for a specific amount of time, while another may ask players to defeat every enemy in the area, and so on.

Each level also has a special secondary objective that players can complete to earn a star. Players can spend stars on special upgrades for their games, which may increase the amount of gold they receive after they complete missions, or may increase the health of their heroes, and so on.

During levels, users can control a single hero at a time, but they can swap between heroes freely while playing. Any inactive heroes will explore environments and attack enemies automatically.

In addition to basic attacks, users can activate special attacks and abilities by spending mana points. These mana points will automatically recharge as players progress through levels.

As players complete stages, they’ll be able to add additional heroes to their teams. They’ll also be able to give their heroes promotions, which improve their stats. Overall, players can discover more than 60 hero classes, and they can give their heroes better gear to make them even stronger.

Adventure Company is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.