Foursquare Day: The First Social Media Holiday?

A Tampa eye doctor who spends his time between patients being on Twitter, and also uses other social media, has come up with the idea of Foursquare Day. The special day, in Nathan Bonilla-Warford’s mind, would be April 16th. Read on to see why that day in particular.

Bonilla-Warford, who owns Bright Eyes Vision Care near Tampa, Florida, says that he was really intrigued by Foursquare’s game concept. If you’re not familiar with Foursquare, it’s one of many location-sharing mobile apps for the iPhone and other devices which lets you “check in” to a venue, be it a store, cafe, stadium or what have you. Some such apps let you make a game of the whole “i’m here” concept, though Bonilla-Warford also saw business value in Foursquare.

He admits to loving nerd holidays — i.e., those with clever, self-referential dates — and came up with Foursquare Day for fun. His idea was retweeted to the point that Dennis Crowley, a Foursquare co-founder, posted a message on the Foursquare Day Fan Page on Facebook that the company was behind the idea, making an official declaration that 4/16 (April 16th) would be Foursquare Day. Sixteen is of course 4-squared (4×4 = 16), hence the date. If you want to learn more about Foursquare Day, a post on the doctor’s business website explains some of it and leads to other links.

So, is this nonsense, or do you think social media in general should have it’s own special day on the calendar? If so, why?

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