Social Media Newsfeed: Foursquare Friends Check-In | Square Market | Swedish Hulu

Foursquare today launched a feature that allows users not just to mention their friends but also to check them in. Instead of you and four friends each pulling out your phone to check in at dinner, now one of you can do it for everyone. Less time spent on your phone, more time enjoying the moment.

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Foursquare Lets Users Check Their Friends In (SocialTimes)
Foursquare has launched a feature that allows users not just to mention their friends but also to check them in. Foursquare Blog Instead of you and four friends each pulling out your phone to check in at dinner, now one of you can do it for everyone. Less time spent on your phone, more time enjoying the moment. Fast Company Here’s how it works: When you open the “I’m with” feature as you’re checking into a location, you can choose the appropriate friends and Foursquare will send those friends requests asking for permission to let you check them in. Once you grant someone permission to check you in once, they can continue to do so in the future. Mashable Foursquare launched mentions for check-ins last year, a feature which has become primarily a place for Foursquare users to indicate who they happen to be with at a particular time or place. The idea behind Tuesday’s announcement is to improve that experience, letting the mention go a little further, so that it’s actually a check-in with that person.

Square’s New Online Stores Could Make Twitter Where You Shop (Wired)
“Synergy” is one of the most abused clichés in the corporate lexicon. But when you’re both the chairman of Twitter and the CEO of one of the most-watched commerce startups around, synergy isn’t a bad place to aim. Jack Dorsey may have hit the target with the launch today of Square Market, Square’s first big foray into online shopping. USA Today Starting today, the mobile-payment service is adding an online marketplace for sellers of handmade jewelry, beauty products, apparel and anything else that can be shipped. Square Market is a bold bid to curry favor with millions of neighborhood businesses that can’t afford to build a website but need one to ship products worldwide, says Square CEO Jack Dorsey.

What’s Behind The Door Of Facebook’s ‘Data Store?’ (AllFacebook)
Facebook offered some behind-the-scenes details about its TAO (The Association and Objects) server, which the social network referred to as its graph data store, in a note on the Facebook engineering page by software engineer Mark Marchukov. Facebook Engineering Blog A massive amount of effort has gone into making TAO the easy-to-use and powerful distributed data store that it is today. TAO has become one of the most important data stores at Facebook — the power of graph helps us tame the demanding and dynamic social workload. Wired The system is yet another example of the company building entirely new software to streamline and accelerate its ever-growing online empire. Like Google and Amazon and even Microsoft and Twitter, Facebook has reached such an enormous size, it can no longer rely on software originally designed for much simpler sites.

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Screw Snapchat: Privatext Promises It’ll Actually Delete Your Sexts (BetaBeat)
With the revelation that the government knows who you’re texting and that Snapchat’s dissolve feature is a bunch of baloney, it’s hard out there for anyone to share their friend’s secrets (or sexts) with others. Take comfort in the fact there’s finally a solution thanks to a new app called Privatext, an app that promises to actually work in wiping out your messages.

Is Potluck Social Sharing Site a Solution Without a Problem? (SocialTimes)
Branch, a project of Obvious Corp., has launched Potluck, a link-sharing service that aims to support communities of shared interests, rather than online personae. AllThingsD Users post links on the service, and friends aren’t able to see who posted the link until visiting the discussion thread around it. The philosophy, according to founder Josh Miller, is to reduce the performative stress component in social sharing, and place the emphasis on the interests that bring people together.

Social Media Increases Office Productivity, But Management Still Resistant, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC] (AllTwitter)
Ipsos and Microsoft surveyed almost 10,000 information workers across 32 countries and discovered that 34 percent of respondents believed that their management underestimates the benefit of social media in the workplace, even though two in five employees believe social tools encourage more collaboration and 31 percent say that they would be willing to spend their own money on a tool if it made them more efficient at their job.

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Swedish Site to Challenge Netflix, Hulu (Wall Street Journal / Digits)
U.S.-based video-streaming sites Hulu and Netflix can’t be accessed in most places outside the country because of copyright laws. Voddler may be the fix. The WSJ‘s Ramy Inocencio has an exclusive sit-down with Voddler chief executive Marcus Backlund.

Two Swedish Teens Guilty for Sex ‘Shaming’ on Instagram (USA Today)
Two Swedish teenage girls were found guilty of aggravated defamation on Tuesday for so-called slut-shaming 38 youths on the photo-sharing service Instagram, which led to rioting at two schools. The 15-year-old girl who admitted opening the anonymous account was sentenced to juvenile detention, and her 16-year-old accomplice was given 45 hours of community service.

How the Top 25 YouTube Channels Earned 144B Views, 520M Comments and 1B Likes (VentureBeat)
If you want to go big on YouTube, you don’t want to be a big corporate brand or repurpose content from the nightly news. You do want to talk about gaming, entertainment or comedy — but ideally about gaming — and you most definitely want to have something to say.

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