Foursquare Had 700,000 Checkins On Friday

Dennis Crowley, the CEO and Co-Founder of Foursquare, announced at Techcrunch Disrupt today that the company had 700,000 checkins last Friday. It was a new milestone for the company, and the volume appears to be increasing every day. While the number of users is unknown for that day, it was contrasted next to Chris Cox of Facebook who said there are over 100 million monthly mobile users on their site, a number which has already been widely publicized.

Foursquare appears to be experiencing robust growth and a fair amount of downtime recently, however I’m still not checking in on the application. Fortunately for Foursquare, the world isn’t waiting for me for signs about whether or not it’s time to begin adopting a product. I should also state that I couldn’t figure out how to use Twitter for the first year it was around but within 12 months I became an avid user.

Foursquare has become one of the most dominant location applications in a highly saturated market. Booyah’s MyTown has become larger by integrating full game dynamics, and even recently raised $20 million. It’s still extremely early in this space but it’s clear that Foursquare will try to remain as a leader in the space, most recently surpassing 700,000 daily checkins.

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