Teenager Skis To North Pole For Foursquare Badge

You might think you’re mildly addicted to social media and location-sharing apps such as Foursquare, but would you ski the North Pole for a geo-location badge? Fifteen-year old Parker Liautaud will be part of an expedition that involves social media reportage, including Foursquare. His own goal is to be the youngest to ski “the last degree” of the North Pole, as well as raise environmental awareness.

The GE Ecomagination-sponsored expedition will report on all progress using a combination of Facebook (for eco pledges), Google Earth, and Foursquare. Parker will be publishing updates on his Daily Mile log and on Facebook, and checking in at various locations using Foursquare. Of course, since most of us will never make it to the North Pole, he stands a very good chance of forever being “Mayor” of the North Pole, as the person with the most Foursquare check-ins there. This is an excellent example of doing good with social media.

Good luck to Parker, who logged 82 miles in training sessions to prepare. Knock wood, and let’s hope that he never needs the Stuck geo-location iPhone app while on his expedition. If you’re following his journey and want to contribute your own videos on reducing carbon footprints, use the corresponding The Last Degree Facebook Page.

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