Foursquare Reveals App Redesign

Foursquare recently gave its iOS app a complete overhaul, freshening up the design and offering some new features.

The location-based social network and recommendation engine makes frequent tweaks to its app, but it said that in this update: “Everything is new! Foursquare has been completely redesigned for iOS 7. It’s smarter, faster, and has a whole new look.”

That may be a little bit overstated, but you will notice a sleeker look, some rearranging of features (notably, a scroll of trending recommendations at the top of your feed) and more push notifications.

Foursquare calls the latter part of its “smarter” redesign of this version of the app. It promises to send you alerts, such as the best thing to order or a money-saving tip, when you arrive somewhere even if you haven’t opened the app. Jon Steinback, the VP of product experience at Foursquare, told TechCrunch that it took some time for the company to get that mix right considering the drain such location-aware alerts could have on a phone battery life.

Foursquare also ditched its WordPress blog. It directed fans to look at its Tumblr page for updates going forward.

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