Looking Back On FNC’s 2012

You could probably win a case in court that FNC, for better or worse, is by far the most interesting cable news channel on television. Ranker’s end-of-year “Top 12 Fox News Fails of 2012” only lends credibility to the argument.

Browsing through the list, we reminisced about what this year brought us from FNC. We laughed. We cried. We laughed a little more. Then we pulled out our top three favorites.

1. Fox & Friends Gets Punkd

In mid September Max Rice, a “recent college grad” came on the network to explain why he was supporting Mitt Romney, introduced himself to the nation with one word: “Sup.” It was all downhill from there. Rice called show co-host Gretchen Carlson “Miss U.S.A.” when she’s actually former Miss America. He sipped a cup of something on set. He said he met President Obama “in third grade,” which had absolutely nothing to do with anything. The interview ended with him saying… “I’m on national TV. I feel like I’m doing good.”

2. Megyn Kelly Questions Karl Roves Self-Esteem

FNC’s election night coverage, co-anchored by Megyn Kelly, will go down in history books as the best and the worst of campaign coverage. The country watched as Republican Strategist Karl Rove challenged, on-air, the network’s decision to call Ohio for Obama. Rove tried to explain why he thought it was too early, to which Kelly responded, “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better, or is this real?”

3. Man Shoots Himself Dead, Live

FNC followed a mid-day car chase in Arizona. It lasted so long that the network left it before checking back between segments. Then shit got weird. The driver pulled out into a deserted area off road and frantically exited the vehicle. Anyone watching knew this wasn’t going to end well. But the live feed kept rolling as the fugitive stumbled away from his car, pointed something to his head and then fell to the ground. All the while, Shepard Smith is yelling at the production crew to “GET OFF IT!” Too late! Sorry Shep!