Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Proves They’re Not All ‘And Friends’

Does this even taste good with peaches, Fox News?

The Fox & Friends morning crew just can’t seem to find their balance lately.

First, Gretchen Carlson leaves the show for greener pastures within the network. Next, Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaves The View in a “Wait, what?!” move to fill Carlson’s seat. Two years later (and several lackluster ratings books), Hasselbeck announces her kids at home entertain her more than her TV kids, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

And now this…

Thanks to Media Matters for America, we have Harris Faulkner (formerly of frivolous lawsuit and bug-eyed hamster fame) swapping recipes with the friends. During some friendly (and forced) chit-chat, Kilmeade decides to wax a tad segregationist. His question?

Do you make [your holiday peach cobbler] with Kool-Aid?

You stay classy, Brian.