Fox News Gets In On The Zynga Rumors Game

There have been a bunch of rumors about Zynga leaving the Facebook Platform over the past week. The story has been watched closely by developers who are also feeling the tightening grip of Facebook, however no source has painted such a dramatic picture as Fox News. In an article this morning, Fox states, “Sources at Facebook described Zynga as a bad actor, which is putting profits before its users, and suggested that if the situation persisted it would be best if Zynga’s games left Facebook altogether.” Really?

Sources at Facebook suggested that Zynga leaves the Platform? That just doesn’t make sense. While Facebook has an immense amount of control over Zynga, I seriously doubt that the company would hope Zynga just goes away. The primary reason is that more than 24 million people come to Farmville alone, every single day. That’s approximately a tenth of the daily users on Facebook all together.

While I’m sure that there could be significant tension between the two companies, it sounds as though the source that Fox News used probably wasn’t that high up. Additionally, Fox News describes FarmVille as “a cartoonish simulation that melds ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and ‘Green Acres'”. I have no idea how they came up with that description!

I’ve never referenced Fox News as a legitimate news source however it’s pretty entertaining to see the company get in on the Zynga rumor mill action.

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