Fox News’ Grenell Gives AP’s Apuzzo a Twitter Smackdown

We warned you to watch out for Fox News contributor Richard Grenell, but you didn’t listen. Seriously, we didn’t call him the Mike Tyson of Twitter for nothing.

Who’s he beating up now? This weekend it was the AP’s Matt Apuzzo over the pictures atop an NSA story. The fight, apparently, was about whether there were three or four pictures (there were three) and which president, Bush or Obama, was pictured more (Bush). Apuzzo got these details wrong in an attempt to defend himself, and true to form Grenell—and a few minions from the depths of Twitter— finished Apuzzo off as he lay already bruised and battered in defeat.

Maybe now you’ll heed our warning? For the record, Grenell tells us he’s sure Apuzzo meant that he was wrong, not “wrog.” He was probably just too stunned from the smackdown to get the word out appropriately. For some reason, the whole conversation just brought this to mind:

Imagine hearing those words with Grenell standing over you, Twitter pulled up on his smartphone, an @ reply ready to go. This is what our nightmares are made of.