Fox News’s Rick Leventhal: ‘Shart’ is a word!

Thank Al Roker for this one.

If you’ve ever played Words With Friends, you’ve seen this screen all too often: “not an acceptable word.” Its appearance correlates strongly with how far behind your opponent you are, or how tiresome the game has become. You see it most at the point when you’ve justed start throwing up random letters and pressing “play” in the hopes that something will stick so you can move on with life.

We’re not sure if Fox News‘ senior correspondent Rick Leventhal was at that dire point of desperation when he tried to play the word “shart” in a game this weekend, but it does, ah… reek… a little of desperation. And Words With Friends would have none of it.

“This is SO not fair…,” Leventhal said on Twitter after the game told him “shart” was not going to cut it.

For those of you possibly still unsure of what shart means—Roker obviously not withstanding—we give you the Urban Dictionary’s top explanation: “a small, unintended defecation that occurs when one relaxes the anal sphincter to fart.” We prefer, however, definition number two: “gas followed by mass.”

We suggest an immediate addition to the AP Stylebook.

Maybe more notable, though… is that Rick is about to join an elite group—the 350+ Words With Friends Club. Check out his score, 341 with two letters to go. If he can recover from that unimpressive shart play, he might actually make it.

Rick, please get in touch and let us know the final score. Your reputation is on the line.