Fox Says “No” to Time Warner iPad TV Streaming App. TW Says Networks Must Change

Engadget and other sources report that the Fox network told Time Warner to stop providing its content as streaming video for in-home-only viewing on an iPad using Time Warner’s recently released free TWCable TV for iPad app.

Fox asks Time Warner to stop streaming its channels to customers iPads

I reported earlier this week that Time Warner created a website focused on the app to provide information about the app and defend its position.

Time Warner TWCable TV iPad App Gets its Own Site:

Here’s what Time Warner says on the site’s Behind the Scenes FAQ page:

Giving Viewers More Freedom

Why are some of TV networks opposed to the TWCableTV App for iPad?
Many TV networks agree with us that an iPad is just another screen in our customers’ homes. But some seem to think they should be able to decide what screen you can use to watch the programming you’ve already paid for.
Technology is changing, and TV networks must change with it. Time Warner Cable will continue to push to protect our customers’ ability to watch the programming they’ve paid for in their homes on whatever screen they want!