FP Hires Two New Editors

In a memo to Foreign Policy staff today, Susan Glasser announced two new hires: Benjamin Pauker who has been named senior editor and a new associate editor, Cameron Abadi. Glasser’s memo below:

Hi everyone…

Wanted to formally introduce our new faces in editorial this week, two wonderful colleagues from parts far-flung: Benjamin Pauker, our new senior editor, fresh off the train from New York, and Cameron Abadi, an associate editor and star FP contributor off the airplane from volcano-menaced northern Europe.

Ben comes to FP from World Policy Journal, where as managing editor, he learned to chew gum, walk, and put out a quarterly, all at the same time. He has written for Harper’s, the Economist, and the Chicago Tribune; is the co-founder of the world’s largest adventurous eating club, the Gastronauts; played Ultimate Frisbee at the national championships (in his salad days); and, in the course of reporting but mainly to see if it was possible, has smuggled small arms out of Central Africa.

Cameron has spent the last five years in Berlin, where he wrote for Germany’s two biggest weekly publications, Der Spiegel and Die Zeit, and served as GlobalPost’s Germany correspondent, as well as an occasional writer for other publications like this one. He also served two stints as a correspondent in Tehran — including during the run-up and aftermath of last summer’s presidential election. Cameron earned an MA in Berlin, at the Free University; prior to that he earned a BA at Yale University; prior to that, he grew up on Long Island, where he played varsity basketball at Wheatley High School.

Welcome to the Fishbowl, Cameron and Benjamin.

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