Frank Gehry’s Stalled Louis Vuitton Foundation Project Given the Go Ahead

Back in early February, both Parisians and Frank Gehry alike received a shock that a local administrative panel, after hearing the pleas of local residents in the neighborhood it was to be built in, had issued a stop work order on the architect’s Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation building. Gehry lashed out, calling the Parisians “philistines” and, in a particularly angry moment, said to the Telegraph, “With their little tight-fitting suits, they want to put Paris into formalin. It’s quite pathetic.” Between the architect, the Louis Vuitton empire, and most of the whole of the French government in favor of its creation, with that sort of power behind it we posted shortly thereafter that the stop work ruling likely wouldn’t wind up being anything very long lasting. And right we were, as the French Senate has now passed a bill allowing the project to continue. We’d imagine that construction began again mere seconds after it was given the go ahead, with crews scrambling to make up for lost time, particularly because the building is set to be open by late next year.