Daily News Sportswriter Goes One-on-One With Phil Jackson

Frank Isola triangulates a loss to the Lakers, a Bleacher Report article and an ugly tweet

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What a strange week it has been for the New York Knicks. And it’s only Wednesday.

Monday, a retooled Los Angeles Lakers starting line-up straight up embarrassed the Knicks at home. The boos started in the second quarter and the final score pushed the Knicks down to 12th place in the NBA Eastern Conference standings.

Tuesday, Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding fired off a piece headlined “Phil Jackson, Knicks Doomed by Wanting Carmelo Anthony to Be Something He Is Not.” That in turn prompted Knicks president Jackson to tweet out his tacit approval of the article along with a veiled shot at Anthony.

Today, New York Daily News Knicks beat sportswriter Frank Isola is pleading, “Enough Is Enough: James Dolan Must Step In and Stop Phil Jackson’s Bullying of Carmelo Anthony:”

He needs to get Jackson and Anthony into a room and settle this once and for all. If a decision is made to trade Anthony and if Carmelo agrees to waive his no-trade clause, so be it. A deal with Cleveland, however remote, remains in play despite LeBron James throwing a hissy fit.

Regardless if Anthony stays or goes, Dolan needs to convey to Jackson the importance of conducting himself like a leader of an organization as opposed to a crazy uncle/aging hippie.

Isola was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show this morning. He told a trio of Fox Sports Phoenix guest hosts that while the zen master’s unconventional tactic of motivating star players with media barbs worked as a coach, it does not befit someone in the front office; someone who is no longer on the immediate sidelines and part of the team in that way.

Isola during the radio interview also pondered the hosts’ suggestion that the Knicks president is deliberately running a Twitter front for team owner Dolan. He countered that what makes more sense perhaps is that Dolan has stayed out of this mess because he does not want to be blamed for whatever will finally transpire.

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