Free iPhone Fitness Apps to Keep You Fit and Healthy

If you’re a fitness and health buff, you’ve certainly loved our post on 7 portable fitness tracking devices. The thing is, those devices will make you spend some bucks. So, if you don’t want to spend for a fitness device, you’re in luck because you’ve got an iPhone and its many fitness tracking apps that you can use. Best of all these apps are free. So here goes – Top iPhone fitness tracking apps.


This app lets you document your fitness and health data and then view the effects of your diet and fitness regimen. It records weight, body mass index (BMI), fat and water relation. What’s good about iLoseWeight is its sophisticated graphic engine which lets you check your weight and BMI in relation to your target weight. It also gives you the option to password-protect your data, and do back up and restore. (iTunes link)

Daily Burn – Calorie, Workout and Weight Tracker

Aside from helping you find workout programs to follow, this app also lets you track your body weight, body fat, and monitors your body progress over time. But most importantly it keeps tab of all the results of the exercises you’ve chosen to follow. In addition, when you start using this app, you can sync your data with your account, in case you’ve signed up with them. The good thing about signing up with DailyBurn is that the app saves all your data on the DailyBurn servers. You can then access your data anytime, anywhere. (iTunes Link)

RunKeeper Free

If you’re way of keeping fit is running, this app will serve you well. It lets you track information related to duration, distance, pace, speed, total rise, elevation versus speed, and path traveled on a map, whenever you do your running activities. The app also lets you store your running history via the runkeeper website. Best of all, the app lets you share your running achievements to your friends and family via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. (iTunes Link)

Food & Fitness Tracker

This app is an extension of the, a popular diet and fitness site, so naturally it syncs with your account in their site if you have one. The app lets you track your food and calorie intake and match it with the site’s 1 million foods stored in their database. It also helps you keep track of your workouts and calories burned, a weigh-in page for graphing your weight and progress over time and gives you detailed weight and calorie reports. (iTunes Link)

Workout Mate Free

I really find this particular app pretty cool. It gives you a workout buddy which can count your sets and reps allowing you to enter a maximum of 100 sets and 100 reps. The app automatically pauses after each set and lets you save your workout history as well. And guess how the app does its job? It counts your reps by traking your movements when you do push ups, crunches, pull ups and more. All you need to do is to put your iPhone in your pocket and start exercising.

These are just five of the health and fitness apps available for the iPhone. There are still many out there, in fact as of last count these apps now number to around 100. And that’s just for the free ones. There are still a plethora of these iPhone apps in the paid category.

Honorable mentions

You might want to check out also the following apps – Fitness plan, StepTrak Lite, and WeightMan.

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