Free Tumblr for iPhone 1.1 App Submitted to the App Store: Enhanced Tumblogging on its Way

Screenshots courtesy of Tumblr

Tumblr is an excellent (and free) microblogging service. It lets you post text, photos, audio, and video. I even have it reading in my YouTube videos automatically and then sending the link to Twitter. Their free iPhone app 1.0 was quite useful (though a bit flaky). I used it to submit a number of items to my own tumblog (as these mini-blog posts are called).

Tumblr just announced that an update to their iPhone app was submitted (but not in the iTunes App Store quite yet)…

Tumblr iPhone 1.1 Sneak Peek!

The new app can post videos from the iPhone 3GS. Other new features (not limited to the 3GS) are:

– Edit an existing post
– Search
– Dashboard built-in browser
– Upload status during posting
– Geotagging
– Photos posted with less compression (better quality)

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