“Freedom Isn’t Free”…but our paper is?

The Washington Examiner rolled out this week a multi-platform advertising campaign featuring images like  troops returning home from war, the toppling of the Berlin Wall and a child staring in awe at the Lincoln Memorial – each containing the slogan “FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.”

Certainly an inspirational and patriotic point of view but it’s unclear what the white label campaign hopes to accomplish or how it aligns with the Examiner‘s core mission.  Also somewhat perplexing is the timing of the campaign since the conservative paper has been skeptical, if not critical of U.S. involvement in Libya. In short, we just don’t get it.  Perhaps “FREEDOM ISN’T FREE…BUT OUR PAPER IS!” would be a more fitting slogan.

The campaign also  includes a 30-second TV spot airing on FOX News, MSNBC, and CNN, as well as a 15-second radio spot on local stations including WTOP, WMAL, and others.  Check out the broadcast spot after the jump and click here for more images from the campaign.