FretPen Miniaturizes Your Guitar to One-String Instrument With Smartphone Amplifier

Music is no small matter – unless the instrument is a mini-guitar with one string that doubles as a writing instrument. Sure, it’s silly, but you can always pull it out at a party and plug up your phone to a real speaker. The phone doubles as a smart, wireless amplifier that will also learn how to adjust to your fingering style.

The guitar attachment is real wood, the frets are real steel, and the guitar string is also real – but will the music be real? We think it’s up to you, but it’s worth looking into if you want to be a small, traveling musician with $99 to spare. At least you can use it to make music notes real paper.

To get your own tiny tunes, check out the project on Kickstarter:

Music is powerful; it unites, motivates and inspires us. We dream of joining our favorite band or artist on stage. And, nailing that solo or favorite song on guitar.

But, where’s your stage? Days filled with commutes, meetings, classes and other activities don’t leave much room for playing guitar. Or, do they?

Practice, learn, or just have fun making music — anywhere — with FretPen. With matchless portability and an authentic playing experience, FretPen means you’ll never leave your guitar behind again. And best yet: The real-world skills and muscle memory you develop with FretPen are directly transferable to a full-size guitar.


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