Friday Fun: A Massive Portrait of Yourself Made out of Tweets

If your Twitter necklace, t-shirt and vanity licence plate aren’t enough to show just how much of a Twitter lover you are, you can also snag a custom-made portrait of yourself, made out of tweets. Who wouldn’t want their face sketched out in 140 character snippets hanging on their bedroom wall?

Netherlands-based Kunst Buzz design firm has created the Tweet Portrait, a massive (about one square meter) portrait made up of a tweeter’s tweets.

You can choose one of three styles: a blue, black and white “Cool Breeze”, a black, white, red and yellow “Deep Space”, or the above pictured “Warm Blaze”. The posters come in three sizes, and you can use your current Twitter avatar or upload a new picture for Kunst Buzz to “Twitter-fy”. Then you just let the magic happen.

The tweets can be read from top to bottom, and they appear chronologically. So not only is this a neat little gift for someone who is completely obsessed with Twitter, its also a cool way to store your older tweets for posterity. Of course if you’re tweeting dozens of times a day, you might need to get a new Twitter Portrait made every month or so.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually get a Tweet Portrait unless you live in the Netherlands at the moment, but Kunst Buzz assures international Twitter fans that they’ll soon be making the service available in other countries.

For now, though, if you are serious about getting your hands on your face made of tweets, you can check out their international page and hit the “Tweet” button. If you retweet the message that appears, you’ll be entered in a draw to win a free Tweet Portrait – but you’ve only got until April 25th to tweet it out.