Friday Fun: Die Fail Whale

I don’t condone violence against animals, but I have to admit, this game is pretty fun. You get to take all of your rage at Twitter’s downtime out on the innocent (but easy to scapegoat) fail whale. Shoot as many whales as you can in 25 seconds, and then tweet your results.

In the carnival-style shooting game Die Fail Whale, you get to load up your gun with tweets (your ammo), and fire away at the oblivious fail whale. It’s just a little point and shoot game, but it’s a great way to pass the time when Twitter goes down. Plus, you’ll get to work out all that pent up rage you feel towards that big white whale.

When you’re done kicking fail whale butt, you can submit your score to Twitter and get your friends in on the cathartic action too.

This game is a nice little diversion, and something to do to keep yourself from going crazy reloading while it’s down.

If you do give it a shot, let us know what your score was! On my first try, I got 21 fail whales… can you beat me?

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