Friday Fun: How Many Calories do you Burn Tweeting?

If you’re furiously smashing out dozens of tweets per day, you might actually be getting a bit of a workout. Alright, maybe not as much as if you hit the gym, but if you need an excuse for skipping the treadmill today, we’ve got it: calculate just how many calories you burn per day while tweeting, and banish the no-gym guilt (if you’re a massive tweeter, that is).

TweetCalories is a great little time-waster app that calculates how many calories you burn tweeting.

Just enter your Twitter handle, and it will crunch the numbers to tell you how many calories you are burning every day, just by being on Twitter. It looks at the last 24 hours of your time on Twitter, and lets you know how “active” you really are.

If you click on “How it works”, you’ll see that it’s not some magic number: the app calculates your calories burned using some simple math that considers the average length of a word, a tweet, the average typing speed and the time it takes to type out a full tweet. All of this results in a little over 1 calorie per tweet.

OK, so 1 calorie isn’t a lot, but if you send out 50 tweets per day, that’s 50 calories! That’s half of one of those super slim 100 calorie chocolate bars… like we said, tweeting isn’t the equivalent of hitting the gym, but if you’re looking for an excuse to head straight home today instead of working out after work, here it is.

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