Friday Photo: Window on the Wedding

Fasten your fascinators, design fans, because the royal wedding is but a week away. Bidding is still open for those mod takes on commemorative plates we told you about earlier this month, and today we bring you a window into the highly anticipated nuptials from Liberty, the 136-year-old London department store. This week saw the debut of “A Right Royal Affair,” a window of Liberty’s iconic Tudor building that features such wedding finery as a Mini filled with gifts (homegoods, rose-scented toiletries, a couple of rather creepy ceramic cats), flags, stuffed Corgis, and a three-tiered, Liberty-print cake topped with a figure of the Queen, who clutches her handbag and offers a signature wave. The car is adorned with cheeky bumper stickers, including “Granny Knows Best,” “My Other Car is a Horse and Carriage,” and “Have a Nice Day…Off.” Meanwhile, inside the store, there are plenty of souvenirs on offer. We like London-based designer Simeon Farrar‘s “God Save The King and His Queen” tote bag, a riff on Jaime Reid‘s famous Sex Pistols album cover. At £85 ($140) price, think of it as an Earth Day present to yourself.

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