Friday Poll: Was CNBC Right to Concede to Trump’s and Carson’s Debate Demands?

Who's in charge here?

800px-Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2A Thursday threat leads to a Friday morning concession. After GOP presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Ben Carson threatened to pull out of the CNBC-hosted Republican primary debate taking place on Oct. 28 if CNBC didn’t make changes to its format, the network caved. Or agreed, depending on your viewpoint, which is the subject of this Friday’s poll.

Was CNBC right to agree to Trump’s and Carson’s demands to shorten the debate to two hours, commercials inclusive, and add candidate opening and closing statements? Is this a case of a debate host rightly listening to the needs of the candidates, or a network showing it’s beholden to a ratings maker?

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