Friday Wrap-Up: ‘This Advice Is So Stupid It Hurts My Eyes’ And More

Social media recruiting can work, just like this:

Sarah Kaufman (portfolio) – used with permission

Our top story this week: Forbes is cutting jobs left and right (though by now the carnage seems to have subsided). Know of anyone else who’s now seeking a new gig? Let us know. Maybe we can help.

Other notable posts from the week:
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Is Media General prepping to lay off some of its copy editors?

The comment of the week comes from Laurie Ruettimann, Punk Rock HR, on a post we made about how to use Twitter for your job search. We don’t always see eye to eye, but she’s got good points, which is why y’all should listen to her too.

(After first posting “This advice is so stupid that it hurts my eyes”, she followed up with:)

This is such a big subject for a comment, but I am offended when someone tries to craft a formula for job-seeking-success using social media tools.

– If four-fifths of your tweets should be business-related, should four-fifths of your life be business-related?
– Does data exist to show that women who tweet too much about their cats can’t find a job?
– Should we start stripping away our personal lives and become robots that are wholly dedicated to enhancing shareholder value and profitability?

Must write a little more about social media & finding a job in a more thoughtful way, but I totally hated these tips.

And some weekend odds and ends:

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