Friday Wrap-Up: Your Favorite Stories, The Week In Cartoons, & More

Drowning in resumes—what to do? Besides this, of course:

Sarah Kaufman (portfolio) – used with permission

Our top story this week was by far the tale of the ex-New Yorker who lost her unemployment benefits by making $200 and change from Adsense on her blog. There’s a very thoughtful discussion going on in the comments so head on over and add your two cents.

Other notable posts from the week:

Six Hotel Reviewer Openings, 1,500 Applications

Careerbuilder Goes Entry Level; Still A Bit Of A Mess

Better NOT Know A Media Org: The NWA

The comment of the week comes from BareFootGear for making us laugh. S/he posted on the Adsense post:

2. Follow written rules even if they’re incomprehensible.
4. Do not think.
1. Interpret nothing.
3. Interpret everything.
5. If you are asked a question you cannot answer, answer it.
5. Do not identify yourself.
7. Memorize and forget these instructions.

Finally, some reading material for your long weekend (BTW, we’ll be around, but our feelings won’t be hurt if you’re not):

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