‘Fring’ Testing the First Four-Way Video Call

Have you been fringed lately? If you can rope in a couple of friends, you can be part of Fring’s beta testing of its new Group Video Call, which is said to be the first in the industry. The four-person calling system isn’t available on iPhone or Android yet, so Fringers have a chance to get in on the action ahead of time (and judging from this demo video, it’s an enthralling experience).

The screen of your phone will be divvied up four ways, “Brady Bunch style” as Business Insider calls it, so you can get a look at everyone during the group call.

The London-based mobile communications company, which also has a lot of fun Fringtones has come out ahead of the pack of unnumberable competitors to give Skype a run for its money as a video calling service.

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