From Octavia Spencer’s Big Win to JLo’s Nipple, Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Generate Oscar Buzz

Hollywood’s leading ladies usually are the talk of the Oscars, if only because of our insatiable interest in what they’re wearing to the big event. But last night, perhaps more than normal, the women of Hollywood generated a whole lot of talk for other reasons both good and bad.

On the good side, you have the wins for Octavia Spencer (Best Supporting Actress) and Meryl Streep (Best Actress). Viola Davis was also the talk of the town both for her choice to go with a natural hairstyle and because she was the expected Best Actress winner.

Once again, the women from the nominated film Bridesmaids had everyone taking shots at the mere mention of Scorsese. And Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig went there with their talk about movie (and weiner) size. Video after the jump, ICYMI, or if you just want to watch it again.

On the not-so-positive side, Jennifer Lopez may have taken her cleavage too far this time and spurred a conversation about a possible wardrobe malfunction. Her stylist says no way.

“The dress fit perfectly to her every inch. There were cups built in and there’s no chance that there were any how do you say? ‘Slips,'” stylist Mariel Haenn told MTV News. In the meantime, JLos Nipple got its own Twitter feed.

Adding to last night’s many anatomy discussions was Angelina Jolie’s leg. It, too, sparked its own Twitter account, but also prompted another of the evening’s funniest moments when Jim Rash, one of the winning screenwriters for the film The Descendants, struck a similar Jolie pose while Alexander Payne gave his acceptance speech.

Finally, she wasn’t even on the Oscars, but Ellen DeGeneres was all over the commercials that aired during the Oscars in her role as spokesperson for JCPenney. You’ll recall the trumped up controversy over her selection just a couple of weeks ago. The ads launched last night, and we particularly liked the 1950s one, which reminded us of I Love Lucy.

The guys weren’t totally absent. Honorable male mentions go to:

Chris Rock: The comedian was onstage all of three minutes and with a couple of well-placed jokes had people calling for him to host the show again next year.

Uggie: The Artist was the big winner last night (though Hugo started strong) for Best Picture and Best Actor, but people were waiting to see Uggie the dog. He wore an 18-carat gold bone and made an appearance in one of the night’s comedy routines before going onstage to accept the Best Picture award with the rest of the cast.

The Dictator: Sacha Baron Cohen was ultimately given the go-ahead to walk the red carpet as Supreme Leader Shabazz Aladeen and he promptly dropped an urn full of “Kim Jong-il’s ashes” all over Ryan Seacrest’s tuxedo. Seacrest was visibly annoyed. You see Academy. It was worth it.

Dishonorable mention to Billy Crystal. In our humble opinion, he was a dud as last night’s host. From his stale opening song and dance to his lame attempts at humor, Crystal showed that he no longer brings the oomph to the job of Oscar host that he once did. Moreover, we and many others found his Sammy Davis Jr. costume (and a few of his other non-jokes) irrelevant, if not offensive.

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[image: Angelina Jolie’s leg made an appearance at the Oscars last night.]

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