From the Recruiter’s Desk: Are Things Really Picking Up? Taking the Temperature of the PR Job Market

Lindsay Olson is a partner and recruiter with Paradigm Staffing, where she specializes in helping companies and agencies find public relations and communications professionals throughout the United States.

She has over ten years experience recruiting in the PR industry and also writes a career-related blog at You can find her on Twitter via @prjobs.

Olson’s latest column looks into just how much the PR job marketing is heating up.

If you had asked me in Q4 2009 if I expected 2010 to be a good year for the PR job market, the hesitation in my voice would have clearly shown I wasn’t too hopeful. By the end of January of this year, despite my doubts, I couldn’t even count how many times I’d heard myself saying how good 2010 is going to turn out.

The recruiting world has a pretty good sense of the market conditions – we’re usually the piece of the budget that gets cut first and the last to return. It’s not a business that is immune to the effects of the economy. We feel every cut-back. Let’s just say that I’d prefer not to repeat 2009 anytime soon.

We’ve been busier than ever in 2010. Companies and agencies are actively hiring, especially in the digital field. We’ve seen a wide range of levels from Account Executives to Senior Vice Presidents both on the agency-side as well as in-house for positions in Investor Relations, Corporate Communications, Media Relations and Social Media.

Employed candidates are also feeling more confident. People aren’t as preoccupied with being “last one in, first one to go” and are more willing to consider new opportunities.

My analysis is far from scientific. If you want some real numbers, I’d suggest checking out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ March report indicating the United States had its largest job gain in three years and that, while not fully recovered, we’re on our way.

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