FrozenShard launches historical card battle game World War II: TCG on iOS


Founded by former employees of Blizzard Entertainment and Digital Chocolate, Barcelona-based FrozenShard has announced the launch of its historical card battle game on iOS devices. The game, World War II: TCG, was inspired by historical events throughout World War II, and was successfully funded via Kickstarter to a total of $18,000.

In the game, players are challenged to secure victory without the luxury of planning ahead. They can build their own decks, filling them with infantry units, tanks and aircrafts, as well as support items, but players are forced to play random cards on each turn of each battle. That is, instead of being able to ‘save’ a card for when it’s most useful later on, players have to play random cards on each turn, forcing them to adapt their strategy each time.

During battle, units can be deployed onto either the Front Line of the board, or the Support Line. ‘Privates’ can be promoted to Majors and Generals, which increases their battle stats and abilities, and players will have access to units, vehicles, weapons and more from four major factions: Americans, Germans, Russians and Japanese.

World War II: TCG offers 10 single-player campaigns (100 missions in total) inspired by famous encounters in the real world, and contains over 200 unique cards for collection. Outside of the game’s single-player mode, gamers can take the battle to other real players in one-on-one battles.

FrozenShard plans to update World War II: TCG each month, adding new cards and even new campaigns to the free-to-play experience over time. The game is now available on iOS, and is expected to be on Android, Facebook and Steam before the end of 2014. The game’s engine will support cross-platform player-vs-player battles

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