‘Fun Family In Xmas Jammies’ Video Really Just a Promo For Mom And Dad’s New Company

This cute clip is making the rounds on the Internet and why not? It’s kind of a slow news week and ’tis the season.

But if you take a closer listen and watch all the way through, what you find is this is actually a promo tape for mom and dad’s new company.

The Holderness parents — Penn and Kim — reel us in with the kids. Cute and smarter than most of us if this video is to be believed, Lola and Penn Charles make us giggle and aww. But it’s not until we get to the three minute-mark that Kim announces her hubby is ditching the anchor desk (he works for a broadcast station, WNCN, in Raleigh, NC) to launch a business that makes these same sorts of video clips for companies and politicians.

Clearly they’re cut out for this work — shameless, funny, and fit enough to dance, sing, and get you pumped up for nearly four minutes nonstop. Seriously, even the three-year-old has done the Iron Man, I think.

But more than that, the video has gotten pick up on a couple of sites and a couple of morning shows. And to help with the virality — it’s already gotten more than 12 million views — there’s even a hashtag for the video, # XmasJammies. So Green Room looks to be off to a good start.

[via Huffington Post]